About Mary McMahon


My Story

Born and raised in the south suburbs of Chicago, Mary McMahon moved to Chicago after college and fell in love with what each neighborhood had to offer. She got her love for food and cooking from her Italian mother who taught her to cook at an early age. When Mary isn’t preparing gourmet meals or checking out the latest or greatest in Chicago’s food scene, you can find her writing and performing sketch comedy. Mary is also a real estate broker with @properties in Chicago, IL. Mary focuses on residential real estate and is also the social media manager and member of the Janelle Dennis + Associates real estate team.

How I Got Here

After launching her successful Instagram account, @thehungrybroker, Mary McMahon decided it was time to start her website to document her recipes and reviews for local Chicago restaurants, along with her adventures in life and travel. She hopes to expand her endeavors onto video content and live events. Influences include: Marcela Valladolid (Casa Marcela, The Kitchen), Martha Stewart (no explanation needed), Lindsay Ostrum (Pinch of Yum), and Chrissy Teigen (duh).

Fun Facts About Mary McMahon


Favorite Meal to Cook?

Pasta of any kind is my specialty, but my stuffed banana peppers are not only fun to make, but are probably the best thing I’ve ever made.


If I could share a meal with anyone…

Martha Stewart, my grandfathers and Guy Fieri (of course).


Favorite Meal While Dining Out?

You may think it’s pasta, but surprise! Empanadas! I love a great empanada, curries, pad thai or spicy udon noodles from some of my favorite neighborhood spots.

Want a review or a cooking lesson?

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